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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Virtual Briefcase take care of all my marketing for me?

A: Marketing in the Virtual Briefcase provides you with new client bookings in addition to the marketing you are already conducting to grow your practice. Local area marketing such as networking with general practitioners and other health practitioners is still an essential part of growing your business.

Q: Once I sign up for Virtual Briefcase, how long am I locked in for?

A: There are no fixed-term contracts for the Virtual Briefcase. You can terminate at any time, with 30 days notice.

Q: When can I expect to receive my first client?

A: We are unable to provide an exact time-frame for this as it depends on a number of variables including your availability, areas of expertise and the volume of enquiries we receive from around your radius. To maximise the your potential to receive new client bookings it is beneficial to have evening appointments available, work more than two or three days a week in private practice, and cover a broad range of presenting issues.  We find that this can have a positive impact on the volume and consistency of new client bookings you will receive.

Q: How do you know when I’m available?

A: We can see your availability at the time when we are booking new client appointments. For this reason it’s important to keep your schedule up-to-date in the Virtual Briefcase diary system. All your new appointments, rescheduling, and available times need to be entered into this system in order to avoid disappointing clients.

Q: How do you match clients to my skills?

A: Once we have you set up in the system, we can match your availability and areas of specialisation to the needs of clients when they make contact with us. We do this by generating a shortlist of psychologists who are available to help and are located within the vicinity of the client’s location.  We then make an appointment for the client to see you and book this directly into your schedule using the Virtual Briefcase.

Q: Can I use my own diary with Virtual Briefcase?

A: Yes, but you won’t get the maximum value out of the system. To avoid double-bookings, it’s important to use the Virtual Briefcase diary to enter all your new appointments and update your schedule regularly. The Virtual Briefcase diary also provides you with a full set of powerful business and practice management tools.

Q: I’m concerned about the security of my client information. How safe is it?

A: Client data security is of paramount priority. All client data within the Virtual Briefcase system is encrypted by Bulletproof Networks. The data storage systems are compliant with E-health regulations and adhere to the robust requirements of the Department of Health and Ageing.

Q: Who has access to my client data?

A: Only you have access to your client data. Our client relationship team have access to your diary for appointment booking purposes only, and therefore can only view client names, times and dates of booking.

Q: Am I still debited for a marketing/admin unit if a client doesn’t show up for their first appointment?

A: A unit is deducted from your marketing/admin bundle when a client is booked into your diary, regardless of whether the client attends the first session. We invest in marketing in your area to generate enquiries. Our client relationship team then qualifies new client enquiries to ensure they are matched to the best psychologist appropriate to their needs.

The unit charge covers part of these costs associated with generating and qualifying new client enquiries before bookings are made. Typically we find that “no-shows”are  minimal, and the likelihood of a no-show is further reduced if you place an introductory call to contact the client within 24 hours, the same as you would normally do with any other new booking.

Q: Am I still debited for a marketing/admin unit if a client cancels their first appointment?

A: No, providing the cancellation is made within two hours of the initial booking with our client relationship team.

Q: What is your affiliation with Life Resolutions?

A: The Virtual Briefcase is a stand-alone company that operates separately from Life Resolutions. As a Virtual Briefcase user, you will not be permitted to represent your practice as part of the Life Resolutions brand. If you are interested in becoming part of the Life Resolutions network, please refer to information on the Business Associate program on the Life Resolutions website.

Q: Do I still get to keep my own practice name and branding?

A: Yes. The Virtual Briefcase is a software system used to manage and grow your practice. There are no requirements to change any of your branding or activities. However, within the Virtual Briefcase you do have the advantage of networking online with hundreds of other private practice psychologists who are also Virtual Briefcase users.  This is available through the Support feature.