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Services for Psychologists and Counsellors

How it works

Our virtual reception services take care of all your client bookings and enquiries

Our virtual reception services provide you with a professional virtual receptionist who can handle all your new and existing client bookings, rescheduling appointments, and other administration services.  Our client relationship team only handle appointments for psychologists, so you can rest assured that your clients are handled professionally, and with compassion and empathy.

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We take care of your Marketing and provide you with new clients

As a result of our comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns, new clients contact our national support centre where a dedicated client relationship team respond to their enquiries and concerns.  With Virtual Briefcase, you have complete control over your marketing spend.

It’s more than appointments; it’s a practice in your pocket

At the heart of the Virtual Briefcase is the Diary, powered by Intracore’s OPMS system. Once set up, we have the intelligence we need to provide you with new clients, and you have a web-based system that provides you with everything from appointment management to Medicare claiming and financials, complete with online technical support.

The Diary stores an unlimited number of client records online, meaning you can access them from anywhere. Each record can be as rich in detail as you like. In addition to standard address, phone and emergency contact details, you can include referring GP or marketing source, clinical case notes, Medicare, health fund, insurance and employment details.

Support: beat isolation and tap into a network of your peers online

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a conference or seminar to chat amongst your peers and meet new people. The Virtual Briefcase houses its own social network, powered by Salesforce Chatter, connecting you with hundreds of psychologists all over Australia. Post questions, participate in discussions, and receive ongoing information and commentary.